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                       Fathers Preventing Child Obesity


Forestalling & the Way

If we Fathers unite, we not only have the will, we have before us the especially designed and constructed chair and desk required to countercheck the forces of atrophy on our children’s bodies, that befalls the human body when subjected to the long periods of idleness, in the hazardous, sedentary, inactive classroom time withering away leg muscles.

We have here a chair and desk befitting all students, useful in concomitant with the sedentary time that children spend during classroom lessons.

Just two minutes of leg curls at an appropriate pressure prior to every hour a child is compelled to a classroom sedentary inactive time.

With professional, properly designed and executed programs of leg development, we can provide every child of North America who passes through our education system with sound, proportioned leg muscles.

To engender the animated  impetus within our children to voluntarily commit to the actions that are essential to their existence, preservation, and development.    

The only way a Father can provide his children with the ability to voluntarily physically maneuver in this sedentary inactive lifestyle of today.

We can make a difference that no one but a Father can make, no doctor, no nutritionist, no public educational system, no government, nor judge, nor poverty, or wealth, or a monetary system, or scientist, or so-called obesity expert can.

We Fathers united can create a handed down from generation to generation, from Father to Son, a proclivity of a natural disposition, engendering, an inversion, of immunity, to reverse the debilitating disorders that the sessile, sedentary inactive lifestyle  creates within the body. Capable of coexisting with the hazardous sedentary inactive time our children are subjected to in their classrooms. Then and only then can our children find a wholesome, fit lifestyle.

Fathers united can create a wholesome, fit, physically active lifestyle. A life from an infant child to adulthood of “people first”; to have a positive wholesome effect upon every aspect of human endeavor. Ending human being's dependence, for whatever the purpose or reason when children are born, they are not born for the purpose of being doctor's patients.

Fathers united can create and be the cause of an entirely new group of industries, instigating from “People First”, corporate profits second, wholesome and fit children first, and education second. Thereby eliminating large portions of health care controls and costs.

Fathers collectively united can actually affect the upbringing of our children with strong physical fitness and mental values, there in school classrooms, through developing the synergetic flexor nerve muscles of their legs.      

Fathers can create a manufacturing fitness industry of, for, and by “People First”. With wholesome fit minds, on wholesome fit bodies, reducing health care by putting people on their feet. Shifting attitudes to “People First,” bringing development initiatives back to good and quiet people, who actually live in neighborhoods and rural communities together.

Fathers can accomplish this in North America, for “people first” of North America, by and from the ingenuity, skill, talent, resourcefulness, knack, and capabilities of North American Fathers, with the willingness to turn a hand.


                                           PEOPLE FIRST