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Fathers system of Rules and Regulations for the purpose of ensuring adequate standards of practice and uniformity in community life.

 Redefine and reinforce the Family Farm.

 Growing our own food here in North America.

 Eliminate injecting animals for food with growth hormones & food contamination.

 Making it profitable enough to raise animals on natural fodder and grains. 

 Eliminate giant corporate swine operations and sludge ponds.

 Eliminate giant corporate poultry operations and sludge ponds.

 Eliminate giant corporate beef feed lot operations.

 Eliminate large corporate dairy operators’ cow confinement, with sludge ponds.

 Return milk cows and cattle back onto natural pasture.

 Redefine and reinforce local community dairies & small businesses. 

 Return to crop rotation.

 Bring back all the infrastructures surrounding Family Farms & small businesses.

 Return back to small community schools.

 Eliminate 98% of school busing.

This must happen so that when economic difficulties over come the fiscal state of affairs, it will have less impact within the on going fundamental framework and infrastructure within the community of family farming to carry on and produce the necessities of life,  based on “people first” living wholesome active fit lifestyles, from generation to generation here in North America. 


        If men are to wait for liberty as proletarians, we will indeed wait for ever

                          We as Fathers must make and take our liberty 


Remove and exclude these words and phrases, from Dictionaries and all dialog and references in our ascending “people first” culture.

Proletarian, Proletariat, Middle class, labor class, laborer, wage-worker, working class, wage earner, workingmen, lower class, humble class, indigent classes, rank and file, the folks, plebeians, third estate, grass roots, the silent majority, the men in the street, middle America, main street USA, the multitude, aboriginal, the great unwashed, cracker, hick, hillbilly, the populace, the masses, the vulgar heard, low life, rube, dregs, underlings, riffraff, rag tag, bobtails, the rabble mob, reds neck, underdog average people, House of commons, commoner, common people, commonality, little people, the crowd.

That no pictures of poverty-stricken people of foreign countries are displayed  or shown on TV or computer screens without an equal amount of the affluent part of the particular country also shown, or the poverty-distressed district of our own North America shown along side the affluent.