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A Mans Duty and a Fathers place


Fathers Rights, Authority, Duty and Responsibilities


Father =

†††††††††† The male human parent, forefather.

†††††††††† One who bears a paternal relationship toward another.

†††††††††† To beget as a Father.

†††††††††† To found, create or make.

†††††††††† To acknowledge as ones offspring.

†††††††††† To act as a Father to.

†††††††††† To take or accept the responsibility of.


Right =

Done in accordance with or conformable to moral law or to some standard of equitable rightness; just; righteous. In accordance with justice or moral principle. Suitably; property.

A just and proper clam or title to anything, or that which may be claimed on just, moral, legal, or customary grounds; natural rights with which mankind is supposedly endowed by nature, such as the right to life, liberty, security, and the pursuit of happiness is the natural and inalienable right of all men, right of property inheritance etc. {As in childrenís body parts, re the flexor leg muscles}


Duty =

That which one is bound by any natural, legal, or moral obligation, to pay, do, or perform.

Specific obligation service or function, as a soldier or sailor etc.

The obligation to do that which is prescribed or required, especially by moral law;

Moral obligation; right, action.

We speak of a parentís duty.

A parentís responsibility for the childís welfare.


Responsibility =

The state of being responsible or accountable.

That for one is answerable a duty or trust.

Ability to meet obligations or act without superior authority or guidance.


†Authority =†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

The right to command and to enforce obedience; the right to act officially.

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