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                              To Live is to Maneuver

                        Fathers Preventing Child Obesity


 Fathers Unite

                              A Mans Duty & a Fathers Place

Fellow Fathers, Grandfathers, Men of North America unite, organize, and stand together to take action within a Fathers right, duty, obligation, and responsibility, to do what is prescribed by moral law. To consistently provide, maintain, and promote the health and well-being of our children by taking preventive measures in dealing with the destruction that lays waste to a child’s leg muscles, when they are at their weakest and powerless threshold of life. While they instinctively struggle to gain the impetus, balance, equilibrium and self dependence, to stand, walk, run and maneuver.

Depriving our children the development of their leg muscles by imposing a sedentary inactive lifestyle.

Let us Fathers unite to bring about what the medical profession has been encouraging and advising parents to do for decades; get your kids off the couch to exercise. Or as it has been stated many times “Researchers from around the world have found that daily exercise decreases the debilitating disorders of the sedentary, inactive lifestyle. 

United we Fathers can provide the tools essential to each individual child to progress in developing all body parts, especially the leg muscles required to supply the physical actions to build immunity to the debilitating disorders resulting from a sedentary, inactive lifestyle.   

Fathers unite to evoke a calling forth of an animated physical activity in our children, that is so essential in a child’s existence, preservation, and development.

By augmenting the leg muscles in the development of our growing children, capable of coexisting right there with the sedentary time in day care and school classroom environments.

                                            PEOPLE FIRST