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To Live is to Maneuver


Fathers' Claim

Let us Fathers unite and join forces in a declaration of claim, on the grounds of right, in an honest desire to improve a defective social situation, Child Obesity. Ending the abuse of our infant children being inflicted with the hazardous sedentary inactive lifestyle, depriving the growth and development in key body parts, essential to a child's existence, preservation, and development.

The growth and development of leg muscles, when applied, will counteract the debilitating disorders that a sedentary inactive lifestyle brings about. Every day we receive countless news articles, blamefully advising Fathers' articles such as { "The best thing you, as a parent can do for your children"} {"One of the most important things Parents can do, is encouraging healthy habits in their children early on in life" } {"Parents don't understand the problem"}. This indicates that these people writing these articles see Fathers as inadequate at child rearing. These people officiously volunteering their position are at best irrelevant; many, many times removed from the everyday reality of a Father's responsibility and efforts to watch over the well-being of his children.

The solution to solving the obesity epidemic / pandemic that has come to be known over the last 40-50 years in North America and throughout the world is the same today as it was before, and has always been, and always will remain the same, as long as a man's soul remains the same, that it is from a man's soul alone. Physical active maneuvering specifically to support the body's maintenance especially of life and health in human being's practice of sustentation through ingesting food and then the proper expenditure of which is instinctively familiar to the involuntary functions of the human body if not impeded, repressed, restrained, or hindered in progress, or action by a sedentary inactive lifestyle.

Imposing the hazardous sedentary inactive lifestyle upon a man's defenseless infant children, impedes all of a Fathers good intentions and efforts to guide and care for his children through infancy, adolescence, on into adulthood; wholesome fit and capable of voluntary intense physical exercise.