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                Fathers Preventing Child Obesity

          By passing the cause               

It’s known that all treatments, cures, and remedies, along with dieting recommendations are all directed at, or for, already overweight obese patients, bypassing the cause of child obesity.

It’s a matter of record, Thomas Edison predicted, “Doctors of his future give no medicine, but will interest patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

The phrase, “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure” is part of the modern version of the Hippocratic oath, written in 1964, by Louis Lasagna MD.”

One of the essential conditions for the perpetuation of civilization is the long period of dependence through which the human child must pass before it gains sufficient body strength and intelligence to merely achieve animal self sufficiency to become subsistent and remain alive, to manage to live on pittance, in making its own way. Without the constant and prolonged reinforcement of adults it would speedily perish.

It is impossible to compel infant children into long periods of inert sedentary position, day after day, that withers, destroys, and wastes away their leg muscles and then after which, expect them to have the condition to voluntarily physically exercise.

Let us Fathers unite with a honest desire to improve a defective social situation and provide the way of forestalling child obesity by addressing the problem where it starts, which doctors have been advising for decades that children should exercise. Let us Fathers unite and lead our children to their own self immunity of obesity.

Metaphorically speaking for our children and as a child, if I am to be the architect of my own fortune, by way of this sedentary inactive lifestyle imposed upon me.

That divests from me, my leg muscles I come to day care with and then depriving me of maintaining and further development of said muscles, leaves me with only the infirmities of my misfortune of being procreated into a society at a time when my mentors would commit such flagrant egregious acts of debilitating disorders and derangements upon my body to barter with.

Fathers know that child obesity as it has come to be known, starting some 40-50 years ago, does not arrive in or come to take possession in a child's body, of its own accord. Nor is it a Fathers intention, purpose, plan, nor would he ever agree to, or expect that when his children are out of his sight and sound, in our public schools to have his children coerced or commandeered by any school mandate or its employees to subject his children into any kind of practice that would lead his children to the wasting and withering away, of any of his children's body parts, that would weaken and render his children susceptible to sedentary causing infirmities, or to deprive or impede his child's instinctive natural ability to develop an immunity to the various debilitating disorders and derangements disturbing the natural function of consumption and expenditure in his children's bodies.

Nor does a Father's defenseless infant child either employ or summons obesity. Nor does obesity effect a child through contractile tissue, or pestilence. Nor is it the medium of transmission of disease contagions. Nor by infection transmitted by contact either directly by touching or other indirect use of the same article. Nor by breath, effluvia, climatic malarias or any other wide spread condition such as freedom of self determination, liberty, demand, want, desire, lovemaking or need. Child obesity is man made, man created.

Fathers are not the cause of child obesity, but Fathers are left with the remnants of an intentional sedentary inactive lifestyle, that is the leading factor to child obesity. Fathers are now obliged to correct society's erroneous, iniquitous, transgressions that exceeds the limits of conduct and judgment in the treatment of defenseless infant children. Fathers united can and must prevail.

We Fathers united can make possible for our sons with impunity to bring about an intervention through liberty, self determination, and will, to forestall the injurious consequences that a sedentary inactive lifestyle brings about. By the ability and knowledge to act out the science of how to bring about and maintain physical fitness throughout a life time. By putting legs under our children when starting day care, and in their school classrooms, bringing their leg muscles to such excellent proportion, that they will be prepared and able to and more importantly voluntarily want to, do a mile in eight or less, then during what particular point in time do you think, prior, during, or after, will children be obese?

Children are people not choices, life's hard enough. The natural severity of living on this planet is challenging enough, and need not have them intensified by the absurd, abstract ideas of a sedentary inactive lifestyle, imposed upon our children without precautionary protections in place to counteract the unintended, or intended consequential effects.

                                        PEOPLE FIRST