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Fathers Preventing Child Obesity

People First

To Live is to Maneuver

Inviting Fathers from across North America to join forces to participate in creating an association to be known as “Fathers Preventing Child Obesity.”

With the strong belief in North American Fathers' ability to raise children in the most wholesome fit manner possible. Encouraging all Fathers to cooperate and work together in an on-going exchange of dialogue. Sharing information, knowledge, insight, and ideas with each other, to attack child obesity at its source and acting out the science of how to bring about and maintain physical fitness in our children, in the daily ebb and flow of todays sedentary lifestyle times. Fathers instilling in children the importance of forging and shaping the basic fundamental principles of learning and pass on to each following generation, the necessity of being physically fit and active, which is the pathway to enkindling a regard for dignity and a satisfactory existence befitting human beings, in a gratifying, desirable lifestyle in every individual’s choice of direction.

Fathers who have serious concerns in the prevention of the causes disturbing the well-being of our infant children, who have no other means of being protected but at or by the behest of their Fathers’ command for accountability, when children are compelled to the severities of long periods of the hazardous sedentary inactive lifestyle.

We fathers can prevent our children from becoming obese
Children are the product of how they are treated
Children don't ever get over a good start, or a bad one

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